Python line following module

The next few months are going to be mad, with the Raspberry Pi Party and Pi Wars coming up. Progress is slowly coming along with MX1 (Max), my Pi Wars robot, the final design for chassis layout should be sorted, just need to choose which Pimoroni Hat to use as my display. At the same time, as working on Max, I’m working on my ‘show and tell’ for the Raspberry Pi Birthday Bash. It’s going to be robot focused. No surprise there, but instead of just having Micro Pi Noon, I have been asked to run a drop-in workshop. There will be hopefully two options to choose from both based around sensors, line following, using the Ryan Tech 3 array line following sensor and object avoidance with a ToF sensor.
To aid with the workshops, I have written a python module, for 3 array line following sensors that use the GPIO like the Ryan tech line following sensor. You can download the module from my Github account, along with a test program. To download the files to your Raspberry Pi, enter the following in a terminal or on the Raspberry Pi command line
git clone git://

to test the module, enter the following

cd Coretec_RasPi_robot_workshops

and then to run the test script


and finally, competition time!

I have spare tickets for the Raspberry Pi Party for one adult and 2 kids for Saturday & Sunday. I going to spilt the days so have two prizes. To win the tickets please tweet your dream design of the robot you would like to build, to @CannonFodder. you have until the weekend before the Raspberry Pi Birthday Party, 25 and 26th February. I will choose the two winners about 20:00 on the 26th.

Good Luck