Pi Wars, an update

I should have been updating my blog with posts for Pi Wars, the last couple of months. However, I have been a little busy!
If you picked up a copy of the MagPi last month, you would have seen my robot “Tiny” on the front cover. “Tiny” is designed to be able to compete in Pi Wars, in the mag, you can find a build guide, plus the reasoning behind the selection of the parts with advice for selecting parts for building your own robot. This month’s copy of the MagPi has a follow up feature for selecting or adding sensors to “Tiny” or your robot. The feature also includes possible methods for controlling your robots in the maze, line following and speed challenges. for details for getting a copy of the MagPi, please visit the MagPi page on the Raspberry Pi website.


The design files and code are available to download from my github account


I hope to blog about my build for PiWars, I will be sharing my design, parts list, methods and code. Watch this space!