CamJam Ed Kit #3 – Robotics, building a sub A6 Robot

I thought with this post I would share with everyone how to build a sub A6 robot for the Micro Hi Noon contest, I running at the 4th Raspberry Pi weekend and will be bring along the arena to Makerfaires and Raspberry Pi jams this year . I have based the robot on the very good value robotics kit from The Cambridge Raspberry Pi Jam. The kit is available from The Pi Hut and costs £19 including post and packaging at the time of writing. A6 paper is 105 x 148 mm (10  x 15 cm), a quick way is find the correct size is to fold a piece of A4 paper in half twice. You will need the sheet of paper to check that the footprint of robot fits inside the sheet of paper.

you will need the following to build the robot.

CamJam Ed Kit #3 – Robotics
4 x AA batteries
USB power bank
Afterdark Wireless PS3 Joypad, you can get one from Curry’s web site
Raspberry Pi plus SD card any model.
Raspberry Pi case, look for one with a flat base, I used the official case form the foundation.

  1. Put the wheels on the motors, the wires must be on the opposite side of the wheels
  2. Cut the sticky pads to fit and stick to the none lid side of the box
  3. stick the the motors on the pads
  4. cut the lolly sticks to length, about 80 mm
  5. cut one of the sticky pads to the width of the lolly stick, and stick to the bottom of the motor as in the picture above
  6. stick the second lolly stick to the bottom of the second motor, and last of the sticky pads to the where the two sticks met stick the ball bearing jockey wheel with the padIMG_20160220_110251
  7. mount the USB power bank above the jockey wheel, I used an elastic band to hold it in position
  8. install the batteries in the battery compartment and place your Raspberry Pi in it’s case. Fix the case on the battery compartment lid.
  9. install the motor control broad and wire the battery and motors to the board
  10. power the Raspberry Pi via the USB power bank

The Code

For next steps, you will need to connect you Raspberry Pi to a screen, or access it headless to install the control scrips.
you can down load the code from my github account with the following commands

git clone

and to run the code

cd CamJam-Robotic_kit/
sudo python

The code I wrote is based/uses code form and I like to thank them for their hard working in writing the code and making it available.

I hope this helps you in building a robot, it would be great to see it at the Raspberry Pi Birthday Party, a Makerfaire or a Raspberry Pi Jam and have a go at Micro Pi Noon.