Python line following module

The next few months are going to be mad, with the Raspberry Pi Party and Pi Wars coming up. Progress is slowly coming along with MX1 (Max), my Pi Wars robot, the final design for chassis layout should be sorted, just need to choose which Pimoroni Hat to use as my display. At the same … Read more

Pi Wars – The Countdown

It’s less than two months, to Pi Wars and current built status is that I have a chassis based on Tiny the robot, I designed for my MagPi robot magazine articles, but about double the size. I’m using i2c to add sensors for the line following, speed and maze challenges. I still have to develop … Read more

Meet Revenge

This is my first post for a while, progress on my entry to Pi Wars is getting there, I just need to sort out the 3 point turn and the line following plus hopefully the autonomous speed run. Not a lot to do then!

I have been working on the worst kept hush hush Skunkworks Pi Wars robot projects in history, I have been showing of my robot Revenge, at STEM events, Maker faires and even at an open event at Makespace last night when the Ipswich hackspace crew visited. I have also had Revenge hiding in the background in some of the photos and code that I have posted in this blog.

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