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  1. Your instructions on the A6 robot are most helpful – especially since I promised a couple of youngsters at our Computer Group that I would take my Edukit 3 along tomorrow for them to assemble. But how do I access your github account to find the code?

      • Sorry, I had to post here since comments are closed on the article. I used your code for the CamJam EduKit3 robot, and would like to ask a few questions. I’m rather new to python, so sorry if these are basic question.

        1) When I push up on the joystick, only one wheel turns forwards, the other turns backwards. I know you can fix this by inverting the red and black wires, but where is this defined in the code?

        2) Forwards and backwards work, but left and right don’t. I’ve tried both joysticks on my PS3 controller and it won’t turn left or right. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

        3) I presume it would work if the PS3 controller was paired via bluetooth, so long as it is recognised as a joystick controller by pygame?

        Anyway, thanks for the instructions, although mine won’t be as small as A6, I have a huge battery which lasts hours, but is also huge!

        • Sorry, I’ve just worked out why one motor was turning forwards and one backwards. It was in the EdBot.py file.

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