First Posted on 17th November 2014 by Brian Corteil Posted in Making, PiWars, Raspberry Pi PyroBot is a featherweight robot built around the Raspberry Pi plus models, and has been created to take part in the Cambridge Raspberry Jam’s PiWars. There has been a number of prototypes, all have been based around the same design, … Read more

Raspberry Pi Birthday Countdown

Posted on 31/01/2015 by Brian Corteil Posted in Making, Raspberry Pi On the 28th feb will be the Raspberry Pi’s 3rd Birthday. I wrote a plugin for Pimoroni’s cool Displayotron for the Raspberry Pi, details for the plugin can be found on the Pimoroni forum here. I have just finished converting the code for counting … Read more

Digital Zoetrope

First Posted on 8th February 2015 by Brian Corteil Posted in Making, Raspberry Pi   You may have seen on my posts on Twitter about my project “Digital Zoetrope”. It is going to be a true zoetrope, with 12 Adafruit OLED displays connected to a single Raspberry Pi via SPI. The first hurdle is that … Read more